Mountain Bike Comparison and Buying Guide

Mountain bike Comparison and buying guide to choose yours!

The mountain bike is a timeless product that has enjoyed increasing success since it first appeared. And for a good reason, it offers breathtaking freedom of movement while being ultra-comfortable and, in most cases, very affordable.

It is so popular that it is the best-selling type of bicycle in the United States, far ahead of the VTC or the electric bicycle. What also contributes to making it the favorite bike of Americans is that it sports, most of the time, a modern look that will not leave anyone indifferent. However, choosing a mountain bike must result from careful and rigorous reflection, which is why, in this article, we wanted to tell you everything about it.

Types of mountain bikes

1: Hardtail mountain bikes
2: Full Suspension mountain bikes
3: All Mountain bikes
4: Trek Fuel EX 9.8
5: Trek Madone 29

BIKESTAR Safety Sport Kids Bike Bicycle for Kids Age 3-4-Year-Old Children | 12-Inch Mountain Bike Edition for Boys and Girls

This bike is perfect for children aged 3-4 years old. It has a low crossbar that is safer for smaller riders, an easy-going ball-bearing steering system, and Impact resistant metallic paint finish. The ergonomic bike saddle is adjustable to rider height and the proper angle to maximize stability and safety. The backpedaling brake ensures a safe stop even when panicked, while the child-friendly handbrake guarantees easy handling.

BIKESTAR Safety Sport Kids Bike Bicycle for Kids Age 3-4-Year-Old Children | 12-Inch Mountain Bike Edition for Boys and Girls

The Swagtron EB-6 Bandit E-Bike is perfect for kids aged 10 and up who are looking to experience the thrill of riding a real fat tire mountain bike. Choose between pedaling manually or using the electric motor for a little extra boost, as this bike is powered by an electric battery. The 7-speed gear shift allows you to conquer a variety of terrain on this mountain e-bike with durable 6061-series aluminum frame built to last. With dual lever-actuated disc brakes, coasts will be smooth even after you stop pedaling. Our team loves customer satisfaction and therefore offers all-star customer service, whether you call, email, or chat online with our US-based support team.

Through this mountain bike buying guide, we wanted to answer any questions you may have when choosing yours. In particular, we will list all the criteria for selecting an ATV since we will share with you some tips so that you can buy the model of your dreams at the best price. Finally, we will also provide you with a comparison of mountain bikes, thanks to which you will be able to identify in just a few moments which equipment is the most likely to please you.

Mongoose Hitch Mens All-Terrain Fat Tire Mountain Bike

What are the Specificities of a Mountain Bike?

The all-terrain bike is a product thanks to which you can plan to ride on any surface with the guarantee of keeping control of your equipment and enjoying exceptional comfort. Indeed, a mountain bike is most of the time equipped with a suspension fork that will absorb the shocks due to the possible roughness of the ground on which you will ride. It is also possible to prefer a semi-rigid mountain bike that will be more suitable for speed racing or urban travel. Whatever mountain bike is chosen will adapt to all kinds of standard bike racks.

Of course, to ensure maximum comfort and safety, your next mountain bike will also need to be the strongest possible while remaining relatively light. Brands often use steel, aluminum, or even carbon for high-end mountain bike development. Finally, if you wonder which mountain bike saddle to choose, know that you will be spoiled for choice at this level. However, we strongly recommend a padded saddle with silicone, for example, which will allow you to move around for hours without ever feeling any discomfort or pain whatsoever.

Why Buy a Mountain Bike?

In reality, the reasons that explain the interest in buying a mountain bike are innumerable since such sports equipment offers almost nothing but advantages. But the main reason why the mountain bike is timeless is that it provides absolute freedom to its user. Thanks to it, you can plan to move around town and in the countryside, passing through the mountains, the beach, or even on snow, always provided that you choose an all-terrain bike that benefits from extreme quality. Suppose mountain biking is so famous these days. In that case, it’s also because it’s a comfortable bike that you will be able to customize to adopt the posture that will allow you to ride for hours while still having the guarantee of not suffering from any joint or muscle pain.

By choosing to buy a mountain bike, you will also have ultra-solid equipment in your possession, which means that your financial investment will be profitable. Of course, with a 100-euro bike, you may have to notice some damage afterward, but by going up a little more in range, and subject to appropriate maintenance, your all-terrain bike will be able to withstand many years of intensive use without ever showing the slightest malfunction whatsoever. You will, therefore, not miss the money you have invested in buying a mountain bike, and there is no doubt that after tasting all the advantages of a mountain bike, you will not imagine what you can do without your new equipment.

Our Favorite Mountain Bike of the Year

The Dynacraft Magna Mountain is an exceptional bike at a low price!

Lisi mountain bike

The Lisi mountain bike is a great product that can only satisfy you, whatever your requirements. Thanks to it, you will be able to take on the worst paths while always having the guarantee of benefiting from exceptional comfort and perfect control of your equipment. There is no doubt that in developing it, the brand has been able to make a real show of strength of all its know-how, and this Lisi mountain bike will inevitably bring you all the satisfaction you dream of. The power of this Haibike mountain bike is that it is offered at a price that could well leave you speechless.

To design this Lisi mountain bike, the brand has chosen to develop a 6061 aluminum frame which is ultra-strong but also relatively light at the same time. Even though the total weight is 14.7 kilograms, which may seem above average, you will notice from your first pedal strokes that this weight is not felt, partly due to the Shimano Altus M313 30-speed derailleurs and Shimano TX800. In short, if you are looking for one of the best mountain bikes of the moment but want to keep absolute control of your expenses, then de VTT Lisi is the product for you. We promise this model will not disappoint you!

Which Mountain Bike to Choose?

It is entirely legitimate and reasonable to wonder which mountain bike to choose. Indeed, today there are hundreds of very different models, which implies an exceptionally high diversity of offers. Concretely, to know which all-terrain bike to choose, first ask yourself what use you plan to make of it. Are you looking for a mountain bike to go around town from time to time, or are you looking for a model that will allow you to explore the most rugged paths in your environment and this intensively? Thanks to these few questions, it will be easier for you to orient yourself towards the best mountain bike in your eyes, that is to say, the one who will be able to meet all your requirements while always guaranteeing you extreme reliability.

Knowing which mountain bike to choose may also be interesting for you to take your budget into account. It is true that such a product can be indispensable daily and that the pleasure it offers is priceless. However, it is still a hobby device, the purchase of which should only be made according to your financial capabilities. However, as you will see during your research, many inexpensive mountain bikes are pretty capable of satisfying you. Below, to help you, we will explain how to choose the right mountain bike, which will allow you to consider your research with the guarantee of proceeding efficiently and, therefore, finally finding the perfect product.

How to Choose the Right Mountain Bike?

Choosing the right mountain bike must be carefully considered, and it is the result of a long study which, by following the few tips that follow, should take you very little time. It will be essential that you focus on a few particular selection criteria, which will ensure that you choose an all-terrain bike that is perfectly suited to your expectations. As you will see, these criteria are not particularly complex. We, therefore, advise you to take them very seriously, after which you can start your research.

The Type of Mountain Bike: semi-rigid Mountain Bike or Full Suspension?

At first, finding the best mountain bike will consist of choosing between two types of all-terrain bikes which each have its specificities. On the one hand, you can opt for a semi-rigid mountain bike or mountain bike focus is equipment that has suspensions only at the level of the fork, which means that you will feel the shocks more at the status of your arms your shoulders. This type of mountain bike is mainly recommended for use on slightly uneven roads or use in an urban environment, especially since it is the least expensive type of mountain bike.

The full-suspension mountain bike is much more comfortable for your body because, in addition to having suspension at the fork, it also has at the rear, such as on the frame or under the saddle. With this type of all-terrain bike, you can therefore plan to move wherever you want without fearing any risk whatsoever for your joints or muscles. On the other hand, the price of a full-suspension mountain bike is a little higher, and it is also a product that will need more maintenance, particularly to oil the mechanical parts and the suspensions.

The Mountain Bike Frame: Steel, Aluminium, Carbon?

The second criterion for choosing a mountain bike concerns the frame type and its quality. And for a good reason, depending on the material used, the quality and solidity will therefore not be the same. Ideally, if your budget allows it, we strongly recommend that you opt for a mountain bike with a carbon frame since this material is ultra-strong and incredibly light at the same time. But the expenses related to such a purchase can amount to several thousand euros, which is why most of these bikes are only sold to professionals.

If you’re on a standard budget, you’ll choose between an aluminum or steel mountain bike frame. Concretely, aluminum is lighter and more durable, so it may be interesting for you to favor it, although its price is slightly higher. The mountain bike with a steel frame is the most financially affordable, but it will be a little heavier; on the other hand, its welds could sometimes suffer from some imperfections. As you will have understood, choosing the frame of an all-terrain bike is, above all, a matter of compromise.

The size of the Mountain Bike Wheels is an Essential Selection Criterion!

When you have to choose a mountain bike, you will have to take an interest in the dimensions of the wheels. It is an essential criterion that does not depend on your size, but only on the use, you plan to make of your following equipment. At this level, you will have the choice between three possibilities. First of all, 26-inch wheels make the mountain bike much more responsive and manageable, making it ideal for cross country or downhill, for example.

With 27.5-inch mountain bike wheels, the expected value in this field, you will enjoy a perfect balance between maneuverability and speed. You will cover more distance with equal pedaling than with a26 inch mountain bike. Finally, the 29-inch diameter mountain bike wheels are ideal for anyone looking for a fast and comfortable all-terrain motorcycle, especially for urban travel. Thanks to it, you will be able to enjoy an optimized top speed even if the precision is very slightly reduced.

Pad or Disc Brakes for a Mountain Bike?

Another essential criterion for choosing a mountain bike is the type of brake. You will have two options available to you, and each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. First of all, you can opt for a mountain bike equipped with pad brakes, also called V-Brake brakes. These are two pads installed on one side and the other of the rim, which will tighten the latter to slow down the mountain bike. This type of braking is economical but can, in some cases, be quite abrupt.

Mountain bike disc brakes, on the other hand, take the form, as their name suggests, of a disc built directly into the wheel. When you brake, a jaw will close on this disc to reduce the speed of the mountain bike. This device is a little more secure because it is softer while being extremely effective; however, it is also a little more expensive.

The Purchase price of a Mountain Bike: What Budget Should You Plan?

The last criterion for choosing an all-terrain bike concerns the expected price and budget. Wondering how much a quality mountain bike costs? There is no precise answer here since everything depends mainly on your needs. For example, you may find a mountain bike offered at 400 euros that suit you perfectly, while a model at 3000 euros could disappoint you.

Anyway, below 250 euros, it could be that the quality is not entirely there or that ergonomic problems are to be deplored. In contrast, you could offer yourself an excellent exercise bike for this price. Finally, in any case, as we told you previously, set yourself a budget beforehand that you will not allow yourself to exceed under any circumstances. Thus, your research will be facilitated, and above all, you will not jeopardize your finances, thus allowing you never to regret your new acquisition.

Top 3 Best Mountain Bikes of the Year

XR MTB 26″: The best cheap MTB

If you’re looking for a hardtail mountain bike that combines top-flight performance, exceptional comfort, and an affordable price, then the XR MTB 26″ is the model. Thanks to it, you can consider surveying any path while always having the guarantee of enjoying extreme maneuverability. It is currently the best-selling mountain bike on the internet, and it must be recognized that this success is far from a coincidence. The XR brand, particularly renowned in its field, has shown an exceptional demonstration of all its know-how, and one thing is sure, this mountain bike can only satisfy you.

What may explain that the XR MTB 26″ is facing a referendum on the part of consumers is that its Al-13 aluminum frame offers resistance and lightness, the total weight being 13 4 kilograms. The derailleurs are not Shimano but offer 18 speeds, offering you exceptional pedaling comfort and significantly contributing to your absolute satisfaction. If you don’t want to take any chances with your next mountain bike purchase, then choosing the XR MTB 26″ is probably the best decision you can make.

Mondraker Prime+ 27.5″: The MTB with the Best Quality/Price ratio

With its breathtaking overall quality and comfort worthy of the best bikes, all categories combined, the Mondraker Prime+ 27.5″ mountain bike is a model with all the necessary assets to offer you a purchase satisfaction that will far exceed all your requirements. It is the result of years of research undertaken by the brand to develop a semi-rigid mountain bike that can ensure exceptional safety conditions for its users. And one thing is sure; whether you’re planning on getting around town or on rough roads, in any case, the Mondraker Prime+ 27.5″ will be able to rise to the occasion.

The frame of the Mondraker Prime+ 27.5″ mountain bike has been designed from a 6061 aluminum alloy, which guarantees that you will never have any breakage to see at this level. Meanwhile, the weight is 13.1 kilograms, which is still very correct since you will never have the impression of having to support heavy equipment requiring too much physical effort. Finally, the SRAM GX derailleur offers 10 speeds radially spaced from each other, allowing you to adapt your attempt to the path you take quickly. In short, if you are looking for the best value mountain bike, then we can only recommend the Mondraker Prime+ 27.5″!

MTB SAVADECK 27.5″ / 29″: The Best Mountain Bike of the Year!

We also wanted to talk to you about the SAVADECK mountain bike, an exceptional model at all levels that can only satisfy you. However, its price is unfortunately not within reach of all budgets. Ultra solid and comfortable while developing barely believable performance, this full-suspension mountain bike represents all the interests of an all-terrain bike. Every detail has been the subject of meticulous study by the brand, and we must admit that the result looks more like the work of a goldsmith than sports equipment.

With a carbon front frame and an aluminum alloy rear base, the SAVADECK mountain bike is a legend in cycling. Thanks to it, many champions have won competitions since it is a compendium of advanced technologies at the service of your pleasure and performance. In particular, the brand has developed RE: Aktiv XC shock absorber technology that adapts to the power of the shock but also to the weight of the user to provide suitable final flexibility. If your budget allows it, do not hesitate for a single second. The SAVADECK mountain bike is undoubtedly the best mountain bike of recent years!

TOP 10 of the Best Mountain Bikes of the Moment!

Where to Buy a Cheap Mountain Bike?

When the time comes to buy a mountain bike, the question of price always arises, as with any other purchase. Indeed, we always seek to buy a quality product at the best price to take better care of our finances. And in the field of cycling, buying a cheap mountain bike cannot be considered an end since it is also necessary to choose a quality model that can withstand many years of use while still allowing one to feel completely safe.

If you are looking for a quality, inexpensive mountain bike, we recommend only one unique address. Indeed, Alltricks is the leader in its field, and the brand only offers exceptional models that know how to be ultra-efficient while remaining financially very affordable. Avoid large retailers or overly expensive sports equipment manufacturers for your next mountain bike. Trust only Alltricks, the only one currently offering inexpensive mountain bikes designed to withstand years of intensive use without ever weakening.

Two Criteria for Buying a Mountain Bike

You can find very affordable bikes in malls and even sports stores, but they are heavy and not very sturdy. Generally, they are no longer there a few months later with conventional use. For this reason, in this comparison, you must look at two essential criteria since they are guarantees of quality.

  • The frame should be sturdy and more or less light, depending on the terrain you are using.
  • Generally, customer reviews mention carbon since it is enjoyable to use, robust, and light.
  • You will not have a problematic overweight during mountain climbs, and frames that are too thick should be avoided.
  • The second criterion concerns the tires, which must also suit the coatings.

For the mountains and even the forest and the rough terrain, you must necessarily confront yourself with coatings with mud and stones. I advise you to buy wide tires since they have good grip and have to be thick; it prevents you from being the target of a puncture every day. However, the wheels are expensive, but you will be able to enjoy real longevity.


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