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Do Women Need Specific Girl Bikes?

Do Women Need Specific Girl Bikes

The demand for bike customization is increasing, and the gender of the rider is a determining factor. The morphology of women and men is different, which influences pedalling. Some brands offer their range of bikes specifically for women. They are…

Mountain Bike Maintenance Tools

Mountain bike maintenance tools

Here are the essential tools and repair kits to ensure your mountain bike is in top condition. You will need the proper maintenance tools to maintain your mountain bike properly. Some tools may already be in your standard toolkit, while…

Mountain Bikes vs Road Bikes

Mountain Bikes vs Road Bikes

A comprehensive guide about Mountain Bikes vs Road Bikes Mountain and road bikes are very different and intended for distinct sporting practices. There are pronounced differences like wheels, frames, and handlebars, but also a lot of details that don’t seem…

Importance of Rim Width

Importance of rim width

In this post, we discuss the importance of rim width and its effects on performance and safety. One of the fundamental characteristics of a bicycle wheel, like tire size, is rim width. It will determine certain aspects of its performance…